The Hush Now: ‘Hoping and Waiting’ Reviews

A while back, The Hush Now released the first single off their upcoming album, “Hoping and Waiting” for free download. Since then, there have been numerous great reviews of the song leaving many in anticipation for the release of the new album Constellations. Here are some review snippits:

From Fingertips Music:

“The part that kept popping into my head: that particular place in the chorus where the melody takes a leap up on the word “heart” (first heard around 1:19). Talk about uplifting—just hearing that word sung with that upward leap settles something in my soul. And then the immediate follow-up, the word “anticipating” sung (on the second syllable) with that same up-leap. Brilliant.”

From Muso’s Guide:

“Everything seems to follow suit until two thirds of the way through an operatic gentleman stops proceedings to break out into his own little ditty and show appreciation sending the song into disarray and leaving you feeling perplexed. The trumpets break out for the final third helping the song reach a blissful climax. Instantaneously infectious, all the signs are good for the forthcoming album. This is how pop music should be. Quite literally pop perfection!”

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