Six Star Promotion offers a unique service to its artists, focusing on internet marketing and promotion as a means to increase growth and potential. We help dedicated and focused musicians create and expand their web presence in a way that is effective in reaching audiences that they otherwise wouldn’t. Our understanding of the nature of internet music marketing is vast and it is our desire to pass this knowledge along to our clients to facilitate future success. Six Star helps its artists create an all-encompassing marketing campaign to develop brand recognition to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

By focusing on social networking sites, music blogs, targeted advertising and through analysis of all of the above, Six Star Promotion helps not only to deploy effective campaigns but to develop them based on results as well. We have established relationships with many music blogs, terrestrial and internet radio stations, and many other industry outlets. As a client of Six Star, all of these resources are put to use.

Marketing Plan Development

The most crucial stage in any marketing campaign is developing an effective plan. Making decisions about what you should (and shouldn’t) do before you execute provides a solid groundwork for success. Six Star Promotion helps artists create a plan catered directly to each artist’s needs and goals and offers comprehensive strategy for execution. This plan will help provide order and reasoning for all decisions pertaining to an artist’s online marketing strategy.

Marketing Plan Fulfillment

Once the plan is created, Six Star will assist the artist/band in putting it to work. The planning phase is most important but so is proper execution. We will work to facilitate a proper roll-out. Whether it be updating/modifying social networking presence, reaching new outlets, contacting design people, etc, Six Star will ensure everything gets taken care of in the proper manner. We work hand in hand with our artists to ensure everything is what they envisioned.

Maintaining Online Presence

This is the third step in developing a lasting online presence. One of the most rampant issues among artists online is the lack of current information. With Six Star Promotion behind you, this won’t ever be an issue. Clients choosing to retain Six Star to assist in maintaining their web presence will have the assurance that all of their information, across all of their sites, will be kept up to date. Just schedule a new show? Simply send your representative an e-mail with the details and it will be announced on every site you deploy upon and listed on relevant event-listing services within twenty-four hours. When the performance nears, Six Star will ensure information about the show ends up in the hands of relevant blogs.

Along with this, third stage clients will be listed on the Six Star website with photos, show listings, and a news feed to keep people up to date. Six Star also offers comprehensive analysis of all social network sites, websites, and downloads in order to further tailor the marketing plan to the exact needs of its artists.

With Six Star Promotion you are sure to develop an online presence that both you, the artist, and Six Star can be proud of. Please visit the Contact page to inquire about a free consultation. Please include links to all sites where your act currently has presence (MySpace, SonicBids, etc) and we will get back to you soon.

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