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On Another Note: The Hush Now is Making Some Noise

Thursday, September 17th, 2009
A very nice article about The Hush Now has been written by On Another Note. The piece discusses The Hush Now’s first release as well as the anticipation for their upcoming album Constellations. Here is the article in full:

So many times when I sit down to listen to music, I look at the titles of everything before I even pop in the cd or press play on iTunes. Such was the case with Boston’s ‘The Hush Now,’ and their track listing of songs tickled my emotional buttons before I heard a single note. Then I listened.

What is wonderful about The Hush Now is that their songs ring true to their titles, and what you get is an almost storybook weaving of tales from the tender to the
forlorn sung in the alluring voice of Noel Kelly. They aren’t always songs to make you feel good, but they always make you feel. And that, to me, is the best mark I can give. I liken The Hush Now to how I felt when listening to “Cerulean” by the Ocean Blue, that same evocation of emotion. There’s a crispness that lulls the listener into a trance, and transports them to a more innocent time, a different place; one that was simpler, less grays, more black and white.

Combing through the endless praise of The Hush Now, you’ll see the word “dripping.” A lot. There’s reason for that. The music is the foundation to The Hush Now, and
off that foundation, the crooned words drip off, leaving a rippling puddle that reverberates with every song. This is what indie pop is supposed to be: a collection of music and lyrics that are relative to everyone who has gone through life, had a heart broken, been torn apart and put back together.

Now set to release their second LP in January 2010 (and believe me, it’s a gem,) “The Hush Now” are growing their fan base with their signature sound. It’s dream-pop elevated, a brand of music pulled from the past and modernized with their own hook that soothes the soul and teases the heart. The Hush Now most definitely have carved their path in the ears of many, and ‘Hoping and Waiting’ is already winning over fans and critics alike. We’re thrilled to have The Hush Now come down to play on September 26.

The Hush Now: ‘Hoping and Waiting’ Reviews

Sunday, September 13th, 2009
A while back, The Hush Now released the first single off their upcoming album, “Hoping and Waiting” for free download. Since then, there have been numerous great reviews of the song leaving many in anticipation for the release of the new album Constellations. Here are some review snippits:

From Fingertips Music:

“The part that kept popping into my head: that particular place in the chorus where the melody takes a leap up on the word “heart” (first heard around 1:19). Talk about uplifting—just hearing that word sung with that upward leap settles something in my soul. And then the immediate follow-up, the word “anticipating” sung (on the second syllable) with that same up-leap. Brilliant.”

From Muso’s Guide:

“Everything seems to follow suit until two thirds of the way through an operatic gentleman stops proceedings to break out into his own little ditty and show appreciation sending the song into disarray and leaving you feeling perplexed. The trumpets break out for the final third helping the song reach a blissful climax. Instantaneously infectious, all the signs are good for the forthcoming album. This is how pop music should be. Quite literally pop perfection!”

The Hush Now – New Single ‘Hoping and Waiting’ Available!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
The new single Hoping and Waiting from The Hush Now’s forthcoming album Constellations is now available for free download from The Hush Now website. Give it a listen and stay tuned for updates about the release of the new album!

The Hush Now Video Contest: $1000 Cash Prize

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
After the success of the Poster Design Contest, The Hush Now is putting a new contest into the fray. The band is asking for music video submissions and the winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

The video can be an interpretation of any of the songs off the debut album, which is available for free download here

You can use any photos or video of the band or make it without The Hush Now content, based on your perception of the song. There is no limit.. be creative!

Videos must be submitted by May 31st, 2009. Voting for the winning video will begin on June 1st. The creator of the winning video will receive $1,000 cash.

Please e-mail with any more questions you may have. Good luck!

The Hush Now – Live Video and Upcoming Show

Thursday, April 16th, 2009
The Hush Now will be performing live at TT The Bears on Friday May 1st. The band will be performing at 11pm in support of critically acclaimed band Now, Now Every Children. The show will begin at 9pm and is 18+ with a $10 cover charge. Come out and support the band.. we will be giving away free stuff all night!


Below is a video of “Constellations” live from April 14th at O’Brien’s. Check it out for a taste of what you will see come May 1st!


The Hush Now: ‘Sadie Hawkins Dance’ Promotional Video

Friday, March 20th, 2009
The Hush Now has released a new promotional video to accompany the song ‘Sadie Hawkins Dance.’ The video features footage from the band over various performances and appearances throughout the beginning of 2009, including the on-air performance at MIT’s WMBR Radio and the CD Release Party at T.T. The Bear’s. Below is the video… take a look!


Click here to see the video on YouTube directly. Click here to visit The Hush Now YouTube Channel.

The Hush Now: Contest

Sunday, March 1st, 2009
The Hush Now has been chosen as one of fifteen bands to compete in the ASCAP Expo Contest.

The winning band receives the following (from

  • A featured performance at the ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO in Los Angeles on April 23rd-25th (exact time TBD)

  • $2,500

  • A development deal with Pick The Band which will include:

    • A minimum of a one song recording with a major producer*

    • A feature on

    • Media attention (TV and Print)

    • …and more…

You can get more details on the contest here. Or you can vote for The Hush Now here. The site requires registration, and fans can vote once daily. Sign up and help support The Hush Now!

The Hush Now: Free Album Download

Thursday, February 26th, 2009
The Hush Now is offering up its self-titled album for free download. The tracks are all 192kbps mp3s. Below are links for the full album (.zip) and all individual tracks.


Full Album

[Track 1] - The Man From Galway
[Track 2] - Bedtime Stories
[Track 3] - Vancouver
[Track 4] - Sadie Hawkins Dance
[Track 5] - Pining
[Track 6] - Ashes
[Track 7] - Subtle Like Bombs
[Track 8] - Traditions
[Track 9] - Roleplay
[Track 10] - Landlord and The Tenant
[Track 11] - Hiding In Corners



Bradley’s Almanac: The Hush Now – So Many New Boston Sounds

Friday, February 20th, 2009
Bradley’s Almanac gave a nod to The Hush Now for both their album and CD Release Party recently.

“While CC likens their sound to Poole and The Ocean Blue, I swear at times they’re ringers for a sonically-improved Fudge, and that’s high praise indeed. If you aren’t convinced to go grab the full-length yet, here’s a taste that should seal the deal…” 

You can find more from Bradley about The Hush Now here.

ClickyClicky Reviews: The Hush Now CD Release Party

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
After coming out to see the CD Release Party on February 12th, Jay Breitling of ClickyClickyMusic had this to say about the The Hush Now’s performance:

“There are a couple important things to note that underline the fact that The Hush Now is a band to watch. First, this was technically the band’s live debut. And we don’t just mean this particular line-up of the band, we mean it was their first gig, and The Hush Now was very convincing”

The full write-up of the show can be found here.