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The Stereo Flys

Sam and Jeff hail from the State of Maine. They played in two separate bands, The Slurpees, and Specter. The Slurpees turned into "The Sauce" after 7-11 threatened to sue the band (really). Specter broke up, and suddenly "Jeff Beam & The Sauce" were billed across the state, and so they decided to actually play shows together as well.

Sam and Jeff eventually found themselves in Boston, and, through the good grace of Craigslist, found little Zander hitting skins in Brookline. It was these events, as well as a long-spanning text-message conversation from Puerto Rico to Massachusetts about the band name, "The Stereo Flys" were born.

True story: the Gretsch drumset used by The Stereo Flys was the 1978 touring drumset for the band Boston. Clearly, this band is destined for chart-topping radio singles and unreasonably-long guitar solos. | Facebook | MySpace | Twitter
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