The Hush Now [Six Star Promotion]

Boston based indie-pop-shoegazers, The Hush Now, released their debut self-titled album in late October of 2008. After a life changing experience in L.A., Noel Kelly (former guitarist of L.A.'s Cerulean) has solidified his life, line up, and track list for his debut with The Hush Now... View this Artist's Profile

The Pete Kilpatrick Band

"Portland has the biggest crush on Pete Kilpatrick... the new star of the [Maine] music scene," says the Portland Phoenix. And judging by the wave of success the 23-year old singer-songwriter has had in the past two years – sharing the stage with such artists as Guster, Gavin DeGraw, O... View this Artist's Profile

To The Masquerade

We are To The Masquerade. Five dudes that grew up to share the common genuine love of rock music, showmanship, women, and cheap pizza. We moved in together, got jobs, and started making money so we could enjoy the finer things in life like the shampoo/conditioner combo and 2-ply toilet paper... View this Artist's Profile


Sam and Jeff hail from the State of Maine. They played in two separate bands, The Slurpees, and Specter. The Slurpees turned into "The Sauce" after 7-11 threatened to sue the band (really). Specter broke up, and suddenly "Jeff Beam & The Sauce" were billed across the state, and so they decided to actually play shows together as well... View this Artist's Profile